VR Headset Disclaimer

Health and Safety Warnings
To reduce the risk of personal injury, discomfort or property damage, please read the warnings below carefully before using the provided headset. The headset produces an immersive experience that can distract you and can completely block your perception of your actual surroundings. Please remain seated at all times while using this headset.

Not a Medical Device
The headset and accessories are not medical devices, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
Consult with your doctor before using the headset if you are pregnant, elderly, have pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities or psychiatric disorders, or suffer from a heart condition or other serious medical condition.

Interference with Medical Devices
The headset may contain magnets or components that emit radio waves, which could affect the operation of nearby electronics, including cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids and defibrillators. If you have a pacemaker or other implanted medical device, do not use the headset and controller without first consulting your doctor or the manufacturer of your medical device. Maintain a safe distance between the headset and controller and your medical devices. Stop using the headset if you observe a persistent interference with your medical device.

Some people may experience severe dizziness, seizures, eye or muscle twitching or blackouts triggered by light flashes or patterns, and this may occur while they are watching TV, playing video games or experiencing virtual reality, even if they have never had a seizure or blackout before or have no history of seizures or epilepsy. Such seizures are more common in children and young people. Anyone who experiences any of these symptoms should discontinue use of the headset and see a doctor. If you previously have had a seizure, loss of awareness, or other symptom linked to an epileptic condition you should see a doctor before using the headset.

Immediately discontinue using the headset if any of the following symptoms are experienced: seizures; loss of awareness; eye strain; eye or muscle twitching; involuntary movements; altered, blurred, or double vision or other visual abnormalities; dizziness; disorientation; impaired balance; impaired hand-eye coordination; excessive sweating; increased salivation; nausea; lightheadedness; discomfort or pain in the head or eyes; drowsiness; fatigue; or any symptoms similar to motion sickness.

Just as with the symptoms people can experience after they disembark a cruise ship, symptoms of virtual reality exposure can persist and become more apparent hours after use. These post-use symptoms can include the symptoms above, as well as excessive drowsiness and decreased ability to multi-task. These symptoms may put you at an increased risk of injury when engaging in normal activities in the real world.

Using the headset may make your muscles, joints, neck, hands, or skin hurt. If any part of your body becomes tired or sore while using the headset, or if you feel symptoms such as tingling, numbness, burning or stiffness, stop and rest for several hours before using it again. If you continue to have any of the above symptoms or other discomfort during or after use, stop use and see a doctor.

Contagious Conditions

Do not use this headset if you have contagious conditions (like pink eye), infections, or diseases, particularly of the eyes, skin, or scalp.

I agree that I have read the above warnings carefully and am voluntarily participating in using the headset. I am aware of the risks associated with using the headset and participating entirely at my own risk. Furthermore, I assume all related risks, both known and unknown to me, of using this headset.