Life is too long to spend it feeling miserable.

Cabana is a confidential mental health platform provided by employers at no cost to you. Backed by science and built to entertain, Cabana helps you access the mental health support you need, in minutes, not months.

The average worker will spend ~90,000 hours in the workplace.

Now, look your dog/cat/hamster in the eye and tell them you have a handle on all your workplace stressors and anxieties.  

(You can’t do it, can you?)  

In a perfect world, you’d have unlimited access to a credentialed professional to help you manage your mental health. Unfortunately, this isn’t most of our realities.

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    Therapy is prohibitively expensive and usually not covered by insurance

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    There’s a workforce shortage of credentialed therapists who can offer 1:1 support

  • The wait time to see a therapist can be months to years long

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    Not everyone is willing or able to commit to multiple sessions

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    There can be a stigma attached to seeking support if others find out

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    Mental health is personal—it’s a process to find a therapist who gets you

Cabana’s not another mental health app you’ll log into once.

We’re a mental health support platform with physical and digital solutions backed by science and built to engage.

Our digital mental health support platform offers professionally moderated live groups, on-demand micro-learning, and therapist-curated tools. At the same time, the Cabana Pod provides an on-site physical space for employees to take guided wellness breaks.  

Welcome to your private Cabana

Why employees love Cabana

Get support in hours, not days

Talk with a licensed professional or trained peer support specialist and drop into support groups tailored to your needs.


of members seeking support received it within a week.


of members seeking support received it on the same day.

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Unlimited use and access for all features

Unlike other platforms, we don't gatekeep. Attend as many small live groups as you like, take every assessment and micro-lesson, and engage with our licensed professionals as often as you need.

No co-pays, no restrictions, and no visitation caps for counseling services.

Because affordable access to mental health matters.

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Ready to join employees at these leading organizations who use Cabana to support their mental health?

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