our team

At Cabana, we believe that mental health care is more than 1:1 therapy.

We build innovative solutions that provide guided mental health support and meet individuals where they are at in their wellness journey.

We are on a mission to change the mental health industry. We believe that mental health support should be affordable and accessible for every individual, regardless of their insurance coverage and socioeconomic status.

But who are we?

We are a team of dedicated individuals with diverse experience and backgrounds, coming together to pursue a common mission. We uphold ourselves and each other to the values of impact, courage, growth, and lagniappe.

Some may say, we are “a little something extra”. That’s the good “extra”, the ones that go above and beyond. The ones with inside jokes who know your favorite ice cream flavors, breakfast choices, and send-chicken-noodle-soup-when-you’re-sick kind of extra. We laugh…. a lot. We love our pets, dad jokes, technology, problem-solving, and embracing our uniqueness.

We are Cabana

How we’re different

We're based in Annapolis, MD and our team is comprised of both local and remote members who are strongly driven by the mission to improve mental health access.