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The affordable mental health platform your employees will actually use

Cabana creates private spaces for organizations to support their employees with personalized, confidential mental health support.

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Not another mental health app you’ll log into once

We’re a mental health support platform with physical and digital solutions backed by science and built to engage.
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Our digital mental health support platform offers professionally moderated live groups, on-demand micro-learning, and therapist-curated tools. At the same time, the Cabana Pod provides an on-site physical space for employees to take guided wellness breaks.

Top organizations choose Cabana to strengthen their wellness and support initiatives

More than a sleek interface, we take employee utilization seriously

The average retention rate for mental health apps after 30 days is ~4%. Cabana rocks in between 20%-30%.

TL;DR: Employees love us.

👍 98%
of employees improved their well-being score after a single use
⏱️ 80%
of users seeking support received it within the same week
⭐ 4.89/5
average participant rating after every live group experience

(And our Net Promoter Score is 3X higher than our closest competitors, but don’t tell them that…)

Unlimited use and access for all your employees

Unlike other platforms, we don’t gatekeep. Get unlimited attendance in our small live groups and platform access for all your employees. No co-pays, no restrictions, and no harmful visitation caps for counseling services.

(Because access to mental health matters.)

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Identify patterns and get ahead of problems

Get data-driven insights across your entire organization or zoom in on specific divisions to make proactive decisions about your employees’ needs and how to address them.  

(Because the numbers don’t lie.)

65% of employers think they’re supporting their employees' mental health needs

…51% of employees disagree.

Fix the disconnect between employer and employee perspectives on workplace mental health. Cabana helps your employees engage in their mental health sooner with personalized support that meets them where they’re at.  

(Because there is a cost to doing nothing.)

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Ready to outperform your EAP engagement score by 10x?

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Tackle your biggest organizational challenges through mental health solutions

Reverse Turnover Rates

Retain skilled employees with preventative mental health and well-being support.

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Reduce Healthcare Costs

Cabana gives CFOs a path to reduce healthcare costs without taking something away from employees.

Improve Employee Engagement

Help your employees manage workplace stressors and anxieties that lead to disengagement.

Decrease Productivity Loss

Give your employees resources proven to reduce employee burnout and stress-related absenteeism.

Attract Top Talent

Show your current and future employees you care with an honest commitment to employee well-being.

For employers who want to offer robust mental health support without an upfront financial burden, Cabana can help.

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