Cabana Pod

A wellness oasis for managing stress in the workplace

A dedicated space for individuals to manage stress and anxiety with immersive micro-vacations and guided support.

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reduce employee burnout

Harnessing the power of nature

The Cabana Pod is equipped with digital, nature-based experiences proven to reduce anger, anxiety and stress.1

1 Owens, M., Bunce, H. The effect of brief exposure to virtual nature on mental wellbeing in adolescents. Sci Rep 13, 17769 (2023).

Improve Performance

Boost well-being in under 5 minutes

Among health systems, poor wellbeing is associated with 26% to 71% increased risk in medical errors.2 In a hospital setting, Cabana Pod users reported an average boost in mood of 29% during a single visit.3

2 Melnyk BM, et al. A National Study Links Nurses' Physical and Mental Health to Medical Errors and Perceived Worksite Wellness. J Occup Environ Med (2018).
3 Existing Cabana client experience within eight (8) health system locations

Private and comfortable

Sustainable materials provide for near-soundproof acoustical experience, double ventilated for maximum comfort.

Small footprint, big impact

Delivered fully assembled, occupying less than 12 square feet, and packed with immersive technology designed to improve employee well-being.

Immersive micro-vacation

Guided meditations based on Attention Restoration Theory (ART) immerse employees in 4-6 minute restoration breaks.

Measure impact

Track users’ mood before and after visits to measure outcomes and understand trends.

Billboard for wellness

Direct signal and visible investment that stress management is important and employee well-being is a priority.

Intuitive technology

Select from a variety of natural environments and audio experiences on a convenient platform.

reveal wellness trends

Uncover actionable insights

Enjoy enterprise analytics on utilization patterns by hour, day of week, and more with our Cabana Pod data dashboard.

“I really appreciate a well-being initiative that realizes value on day one. The Cabana Pod arrived fully assembled in the morning and employees were talking about the benefit by the afternoon.“

Dr. Nigel Girgrah

Chief Wellbeing Officer, Ochsner Health

Dr. Nigel Girgrah in the Cabana Pod

Boost worksite wellness

Provide a respite for stress, encourage breaks, and reduce barriers to employee well-being.

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