Finally, a mental health platform that saves you and your employees money.

Let’s be frank—your EAP benefits could use a little help with innovative mental health solutions your employees will use and love. That’s where we come in.

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Mental health is the #1 health concern impacting today’s workforce but...

  • 💔

    There aren’t enough trained professionals to provide 1:1 support to everyone who needs it…

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    The cost of receiving outside support is too expensive for the average worker to afford…

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    And most EAP solutions struggle to keep up with diverse employee needs, cultural competencies, and technical expectations.

Cabana is more than a pretty interface—we take employee utilization seriously

The average retention rate for mental health apps after 30 days is ~4%. Cabana rocks in between 20%-30%.

We’re not your mom’s mental health platform—but even your mom expects a seamless user experience.

Employees say Cabana works. The numbers say so too.

👍 98%

of employees improved their well-being score after a single use

⏱️ 80%

of users seeking support received it within the same week

⭐ 4.89/5

average participant rating after every live group experience

(And our Net Promoter Score is 3X higher than our closest competitors, but don’t tell them that…)

Cabana is backed and trusted by some of the largest employers in the U.S.

Why employers love Cabana

Unlimited use and access for all your employees

Unlike other platforms, we don’t gatekeep. Get unlimited attendance in our small live groups and platform access for all your employees. No co-pays, no restrictions, and no harmful visitation caps for counseling services.

(Because access to mental health matters.)

group of medical professionals talking with overlaying image that says serving 80,000 healthcare professionals
Happy woman on computer with overlaying image of phone showing home screen of cabana app

Augment your existing programs and live groups

Use Cabana to extend your reach and enhance your internal services. Talk to us about integrating your specialists as moderators or incorporating your internal resources.

Identify patterns and get ahead of problems

Get data-driven insights across your entire organization or zoom in on specific divisions to make proactive decisions about your employees’ needs and how to address them.  

(Because the numbers don’t lie.)

Happy woman on computer with overlaying image of phone showing home screen of cabana app
Medical professionals talking in medical building with overlaying text that says create an alias, always camera off, change your voice

Improve employee retention

We help drive retention efforts by improving employee self-awareness, cultivating emotional intelligence, and reducing barriers to support. Plus, happy people don’t leave their jobs. It’s science*.  

Employee support in hours, not days

Your employees can talk with licensed professionals or trained peer support specialists and drop into non-clinical support groups tailored to their needs.


of employees seeking support received it within a week.


of employees seeking support received it on the same day.

Happy woman on computer with overlaying image of phone showing home screen of cabana app

65% of employers think they’re supporting their employees' mental health needs.

…51% of employees disagree.

Fix the disconnect between employer and employee perspectives on workplace mental health. Cabana helps your employees engage in their mental health sooner with personalized support that meets them where they’re at.*

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Cabana is a more affordable way to provide effective mental health support to your workforce.

Moderated Live Groups

Confidential, private, and cross-industry

Easily drop into a live group and connect with a community of professionals across the country without revealing your identity. (a.k.a. No awkward elevator rides where you know, that they know, that you know.)

Vibe Checks & Mood Tracking

We help you understand what’s underneath so you can rise above

Knowledge is power. Use our daily recommended resources and confidential mood-tracking tools to help identify patterns and improve your mental health.


On-demand micro-learning that fits your schedule

No time for groups? Voyages offer 5-15 minute guided learning experiences based on scientifically backed methodologies to meet your struggles in the moment.

Cabana Pod

Take a mini vacay without losing your parking spot

The Cabana Pod gives you a physical space to take a guided wellness break on-site. No need to book an appointment, just hop in, sit down, and relax.

"Cabana is easy to use and can be tailored to you. The things that my colleagues enjoy doing may not be the things that I need for my mental health and well-being. Cabana has been a significant positive impact for leaders and employees across the regions we serve. "

Melissa Love, M.A., PHR
Vice President, Human Resources & Office of Professional Well-Being

Tackle your biggest business challenges through mental health

Reverse Turnover Rates

Retain skilled employees with preventative mental health and well-being support.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Cabana gives CFOs a path to reduce healthcare costs without taking something away from employees.

Improve Employee Engagement

Help your employees manage workplace stressors and anxieties that lead to disengagement.

Attract Top Talent

Show your current and future employees you care with an honest commitment to employee well-being.

Decrease Productivity Loss

Give your employees resources proven to reduce employee burnout and stress-related absenteeism.

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