A faster route to reach military, veterans, and public service professionals.

Cabana is a digital mental health support platform with enhanced privacy to overcome unique barriers to mental health such as stigma, job security, time, and accessibility.

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Greater access to support with fewer staffing resources needed

We’re a confidential mental health support platform with physical and digital solutions built to engage and proven to work.

Our digital mental health support platform offers professionally moderated live groups, on-demand micro-learning, and therapist-curated tools. At the same time, the Cabana Pod provides an on-site physical space for employees to take guided wellness breaks.

Bottom line cost-savings

Not only are Cabana’s group support options and access to 1:1 coaching less expensive than 1:1 therapy, but earlier access to mental health care reduces the risk of workforce absenteeism and lost productivity.

group of medical professionals talking with overlaying image that says serving 80,000 healthcare professionals
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Support in hours, not days

Talk with licensed professionals or trained peer support specialists and drop into non-clinical support groups tailored to your community.


of employees seeking support received it within a week.


of employees seeking support received it on the same day.

Confidential, private, and cross-industry

Connect with a community of service members and professionals across the country without revealing your identity. Choose confidentiality features like voice masking and aliases.

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More than a sleek interface, we take employee utilization seriously

The average retention rate for mental health apps after 30 days is ~4%. Cabana rocks in between 20%-30%.

TL;DR: Employees love us.

👍 98%

of employees improved their well-being score after a single use

⏱️ 80%

of users seeking support received it within the same week

⭐ 4.89/5

average participant rating after every live group experience

(And our Net Promoter Score is 3X higher than our closest competitors, but don’t tell them that…)

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Identify patterns and get ahead of problems.

Get data-driven insights across your entire organization or zoom in on specific divisons to make proactive decisions about your employees' needs and how to address them.

Unlimited use and access for all your people

Unlike other platforms, we don’t gatekeep. Get unlimited attendance in our small live groups and platform access for all your employees. No co-pays, no restrictions, and no harmful visitation caps for counseling services.

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The platform your peer support specialists are asking for

Use Cabana to extend your reach and enhance your internal services. Talk to us about integrating your specialists as moderators or incorporating your internal resources.

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Timely, effective mental health support at the ready

Join daily moderated discussions, choose microlearning modules on coping skills and positive psychology domains, or talk with a licensed professional.

Moderated Live Groups

Confidential, private, and cross-industry

Easily drop into a live group and connect with a community of professionals across the country without revealing your identity.

Vibe Checks & Mood Tracking

We help you understand what’s underneath so you can rise above

Knowledge is power. Use our daily recommended resources and confidential mood-tracking tools to help identify patterns and improve your mental health.


On-demand micro-learning that fits your schedule

No time for groups? Voyages offer 5-15 minute guided learning experiences based on scientifically backed methodologies to meet your struggles in the moment.

Cabana Pod

Take a mini vacay without losing your parking spot

The Cabana Pod gives you a physical space to take a guided wellness break on-site. No need to book an appointment, just hop in, sit down, and relax.

Tackle your biggest organizational challenges through mental health solutions

Improve Access to Resources

Cabana provides its users and partners with a trusted, confidential, and low barrier-to-access mental health resource as part of a sound mental health promotion and No Wrong Door strategy.

Support Transitions to Civilian Life

Reduce the stress and mental health challenges with preventative mental health support and resources to aid transition.

Tackle Stigma Around Operational Stress, Moral Injury, PTSD, and Mental Health

Cabana is confidential, private, backed, built, and used by military agencies, first responders, and public service professionals.

Support Reintegration Into Civilian Workplaces and Higher Education

Provide practical support for veterans struggling to find meaningful employment and adjust to civilian workplace cultures.

Create a Safe Space To Discuss Family and Relationship Strain

Help your people connect with a community with similar shared experiences who understand the impact of military service on family well-being and relationships.

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