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Press Release


February 29, 2024

Even Health Transitions to Cabana, Redefining Convenient Mental Health Support

Annapolis, MD – Even Health, a pioneering force in mental health innovation, is proud to announce a major brand transition to 'Cabana'. This rebranding reflects the company's unwavering commitment to providing innovative, accessible, and private mental health support. With the success of its flagship product, Cabana, the company is embracing this identity to further its mission in the mental health landscape.

"Even Health was founded on the principle that seeking mental health support should be straightforward, not an additional struggle," said David Black, Cofounder and CEO of Even Health. "Our journey began with a vision to harmonize convenience, affordability, and confidentiality in mental health care. I left my work at Johns Hopkins Medicine because I connected to the real and pressing need that in order to provide regular mental health support to anyone at any income level, we have to innovate how we deliver care and support to meet people where they are.   Cabana, born out of this vision, has grown to become the essence of our work and our identity."

Cabana emerged in 2021 as a groundbreaking initiative recognized by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas.  It was conceived as a sanctuary for anonymous group support, moderated by a clinical professional.   Through a single session lasting 30-60 minutes, Cabana offered honest, practical, and private conversations -- designed to resonate with the needs of the modern individual.

"We envisioned Cabana as more than just a product; it was a movement towards creating a convenient, stigma-free, safe space that's open to everyone. A place where individuals could connect with others while feeling secure and understood," added Heather Townsend, Cofounder and COO at Even Health.

The transition to Cabana comes after significant milestones and growth of the Cabana product to support over 106,000 individuals across the US.  Users have consistently echoed that Cabana epitomizes the safe, judgment-free zone Even Health aimed to create. In response, the company is leaning into this evolution, fully embracing Cabana as both its brand and ethos.

"Today, as we step into this new chapter as Cabana, we reaffirm our pledge to change the way we access mental health support" concluded David. "No one should struggle because of fear or finances.  At Cabana, we’re building a community where peers and professionals collaborate to provide guided support for range of challenges we all face – join us, and find support while helping those around you.”    

For more information about Cabana and its services, please visit www.mycabana.health .

Contact Information: Media and Marketing, media@mycabana.health