Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? The following are answers to some of the most common questions our members come across on Cabana.

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  • Why Cabana

  • What is Cabana?

    Cabana is a place for you to feel heard with ways to feel better. Our anonymous, live, peer support groups connect you with other healthcare professionals across the country and create a dedicated space to share struggles, feel less alone, and learn practical solutions.

    We know making time for mental health is hard. If you can’t fit one of our daily live groups into your day, then access our growing library of on-demand, therapist-curated content.

    Start taking steps to feel better, less stressed, and hopeful about the future.
  • How much does it cost?

    Your employer covers the cost of Cabana, so it’s free to you! You may attend an unlimited number of live groups and access mental health resources through this amazing employee benefit. We think that’s cool.
  • Will my employer know I’m on Cabana?

    No. At Cabana, trust is essential, so we never share your personal information with employers or external parties. On our platform you are fully anonymous, even in our live groups where you may create an alias, mask your voice, and always attend camera-off. Translation: feel free to join in your pajamas.
  • How is it different from other support I am offered?

    Unlike traditional employee support programs that require long wait times, multiple calls, or delays to seek support, Cabana offers a private, solution to help employees connect conveniently and anonymously with individuals who walk in their shoes each day.
  • Getting Started

  • How do I create an account?

    Sign up here! You may use a personal or work email to create an account. All you’ll need is an access code from your employer to verify your coverage. Contact us if you aren’t sure what your code is, and we’ll get it sorted.
  • How do I register for a live group?

    It's simple! Create an account, navigate to “Explore” to browse our live group options, find a group that works for you, then click “Attend,” to reserve your spot.  

    You may add the event to your personal calendar on the spot, but we will also send you a confirmation email. At the time of the live group, click the link in the email to join OR join the group from your “Today” screen after logging in.
  • How do I access on-demand content?

    We continue to add mental health resources to our on-demand library. Browse on the “Explore” screen or use our powerful search tools to identify content across our many topics and activities.

    You may also filter our content by the amount of time you have, by category, or view our popular topics.
  • Technical Guidance

  • What are the system requirements for Cabana

    You may access Cabana from any web browser or device, but we recommend the following for the best experience:

    General app access
    - Cabana runs best on the Chrome browser, which you can download here.
    - If you are joining from your iPhone, you will want to download the iOS app for the best experience.

    Joining live groups
    - Join with a stable internet connection. It's important to have a strong and stable internet connection before you join. Run a speed test to check.
    - If joining groups via browser, when prompted, click "Allow" to ensure Cabana has permission to access your microphone during a live group.
    - If you are having trouble joining a group, please contact us.
  • Live Groups

  • Why should I join a live group?

    Our live groups are a form of social support and source of emotional, informational and esteem support. Simply put, we’re here to help you navigate life’s challenges.

    How does attending a group help? Research has shown there are advantages to social and emotional support on an individual’s overall well-being. In the healthcare space, peer support has proven to restore self-esteem, self-awareness, and help navigate a host of other cognitive, behavioral and emotional responses.

    Cabana’s groups cover a variety of wellness topics from coping with grief, tackling difficult conversations, gaining emotional intelligence, even how to integrate fitness into hectic schedules. We hope you give one a try and feel the benefits for yourself.
  • How private is a live group?

    Your privacy is paramount. Before entering a live group room, you may type in any name to protect your identity. Upon entering the room, you are always camera off—no need to fix your hair. If you want to go a step further, you may also mask your voice and go full undercover. Note: the voice change option is currently only available when accessing Cabana via a computer.

    Our live groups are NOT recorded to maintain yourprivacy and ensure a safe space where you are free to share.We also never share any identifying data to employers, including any app usage or group attendance.

    We've found small groups increase engagement, foster a greater sense of community, and enable moderators to focus more on individual needs, so we limit our standard groups to 12 registrants.
  • What is a live group like?

    Before joining a live group room, you will enter your alias and confirm your device’s audio settings. The moderator will be leading the group, prompting questions and facilitating group conversation. You will be camera off and may engage with the group via chat or your device’s microphone. Moderators may mute participants if there’s disruptive background noise, but only you can unmute yourself; you share on your terms. Our live groups are NOT recorded to maintain your privacy and ensure a safe space where you are free to share.

    We have a variety of live group types to choose from, such as our 15-minute “Listen in” groups as well as “Skill builder” and “Support” groups. You'll find a live group description when you tap on an individual group card.
  • Who will be in the groups?

    Cabana connects healthcare professionals from across the country around shared issues and areas for self-improvement in mental wellness. We assemble and professionally moderate support groups for physicians, nurses, frontline staff, and employees across the healthcare system.
  • Who are the moderators?

    Our moderators are the friendly on-screen faces facilitating the live groups in Cabana. They are experienced professionals with real-world experience to the types of groups they are moderating.
  • Does my employer know the live groups I attend?

    Absolutely not. Your data is private, and your employer will not know if you signed up for a Cabana account, what live groups you attend, or the content you access.
  • What if a co-worker is in the same live group?

    If you are concerned about your voice being recognized in the discussion, you can adjust your voice using the microphone adjustment button on your toolbar. We can’t filter out any specific names that you might mention in the room, so take note of how you bring something up to the group.

    Just remember, you are never locked into any group. If you are concerned about maintaining your anonymity, you may leave at any time.
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